Biggest Shifts in The Real Estate Market

The real estate market has been shaken with a ton of problems that everyone can only wish for it to be better. Here are some of the biggest changes in real estate:

Do not expect big jumps in house prices

If you are purchasing a home you need to have a good cash flow to make sure that you can pay the mortgage. When you live in a particular community where everyone is in the same income bracket, most like the prices of the houses are almost the same and that you need to accept that fact that the home prices will only go up by around 3%. It is good to buy a house now but limit your expectations since the value of the home will not go sky high.

Lenders are not as ready to take risks

A lot of home buyers today do not have enough cash for their home purchase without having to take out a loan. You need to understand though that lenders today are not as ready to take risks because of current market conditions. You need to have a very good credit score to be approved for a loan plus you need to have enough cash to shoulder your down payment and other costs. Make sure that the property you are planning to buy is located in a community where there are not many foreclosures.

Go for new places

Yes, you can find cheap houses going on a short sale or get a bargain foreclosed property. If you want to do this, you need to have a good real estate agent that can get you the best deal for the foreclosure sale. He or she must have connections with the big lenders and skills to help you thru the negotiation process.

The better move will be to get a property where the properties will have a good equity in them but with foreclosure properties around them. This way you will be able to negotiate a price that is competent enough against the foreclosed homes. If you do this, you will end up with a property that is in a better shape and will need lesser maintenance.

Buying Affordable Homes From Auctions

A house comes to auction when the owner of it, may be an individual or a builder, has become unable to sell it or when it may be taken back by the mortgage lender. Once the lender has got the authority to take the money from the sale of the property, it comes to auction. As everyone knows if a person buys property with the help of the mortgagers, the deeds of the property will remain with them. In other words, the house technically belongs to them though it is in the name of the person who buys it.

How Do The Houses Come For Auction?

The lenders will find the auction as a method to reclaim the money that they have given to the owner of the property. It comes to auction when the party is unable to pay the debts to the lender. Usually, in the United States and in the UK the mortgage lender will move to the court if the borrower is unable to pay the money back. The court will assess the situation and will attend to see if the borrower can make the payments before making any harsh decisions. If the borrower is unable to make the repayments, then the magistrate will issue a “possession order” and with the order, the lender has had the right to reclaim it; it is referred to as foreclosure.

Who Can Buy Homes From an Auction?

The mortgage lender will be given over it to a specialist property auctioneer who values the property in the current state. Anyone who is interested in the property can attend the auction and he should be able to pay the price of the property and if you are using the service of a lender, you need to put the documents of the finance in place. Before making your bidding you can see the property and assess the value of it.

Tips For a Bidder

At times the whole process of auctioning will take only minutes and sometimes nodding of heads and waving of hands may be misguiding. You can register yourself with the auctioneers who in turn will inform you of the auctions. It is advisable to have an awareness of the price of the location and to visit the property before making the bids. Alternatively, you can seek the advice of financial advisors and experts who can say something authentic about the property.

Is Auction The Right Choice?

The question of whether to buy homes from auctions is subjective. But considering the nature of the property that comes for auctions, one can definitely say that this would be a great opportunity to get a home at a comparatively cheap rate. This is mainly because the mortgage lenders are more interested in getting their money back than to wait for the times when the prices go up.


There are many options that are available to a person who wants to be a bidder in an auction. The chances of getting a quality home at a comparatively low price are almost certain; for better results make some quality thinking.

Real Estate – The Most Important Decision In Life

Buying a home (or any kind of property for that matter) is one of the most important decisions in life. This decision affects you emotionally, financially and personally. The first thing you should do is to familiarize yourself with the Austin Texas real estate market at If you are planning to buy a house, you should put in a lot of thinking before you even go out and look at various options.

The first thing you should decide is whether you are at personal, level ready to invest in new park model homes. If you buy a home now, you will have automatically decided to get settled for some time in this area and location only. This decision will affect your parents, your kids, and other people associated with you. Your career choices, your partner’s choices will also be affected. Other then that, if your kids are studying, they may have to think about schools in this area only.

You may want to think about moving to another area and there buying a home, if it is more efficient, reduces your traveling costs or, your kids may get a better education. Such decisions are of a very personal nature and need to be taken on that basis only.

Then you will have to list out your present requirements, as in how much space you require, anticipate your future needs, so that when you go looking, you know how big or small house you want to buy. You will need to see if you want a big garage, a pool or garden. And then there is the refacing of your house, Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is an affordable way to update the look of your kitchen. All these decisions are of personal nature wherein you and your partner can sit discuss it amongst themselves. You can also take your kids views into consideration.

Once you have taken care of personal issues, now you will need to do a financial analysis. Remember buying real estate is a long-term decision, one that will affect you every day. This is why you must plan properly and then only go ahead with this decision. To begin with this part, you should first list out all your sources of current income and expenses. Cover each head in detail. You can make use of MS Excel or any other spreadsheet for ease of use. You will need to put down all your current loans outstanding, any near future outgoings you know of right now. You can also place your future source of incomes, income flows as a bonus, which will surely come in.

Once you have done all the calculation, you will now be able to figure out how much you can afford to pay in mortgage back to the bank or financial institution that you take a loan from, while still being able to pay daily expenses like your homeowner’s insurance.

It is possible that once you decide to buy home and set apart a fixed sum every, month towards your EMI, you will have to forgo discretionary spending. Say, that vacation in Las Vegas, or purchase of digital LCD TV, gadgets, you had planned earlier, will now be dropped.

If you carefully think about the issues listed above, you will see that buying a home affects you very closely and is clearly the most important decision of your life. This decision, however, is not all sacrifices alone. You will make sacrifices, but in return, you will get a safe home and will benefit finically as a home is also an asset. At any point in time, you can leverage this asset for moving upwards in life.

Real Estate Tips For Buying A Home

Getting a beautiful home is a dream of this whole world. You can easily fulfill your this small dream with a very little effort. There are few things you should know about buying a home like your budget, location and few other small things. This article will tell you about those tips for home buyers in detail and how to follow them. Your main concern should be your budget. Other factors are very small and can be managed very easily. Follow these steps to buy a perfect home for yourself.

Decide Your Budget

Your budget will decide which house you are going to get and where it will be located. If your budget is small but you want a good luxurious house then obviously the location of that house won’t be so good or it will be situated a little bit out of the city. And if you want a house to be located in the heart of the city then you won’t be able to get a luxurious house on a small budget. So before going any further, you must decide your budget first.

Start Your Survey

Now you have decided on your budget. It is now time to start surveying different homes with your agent. An agent is very necessary when you are going to buy a home because he/she can give you some professional opinions about the house. First of all, you must start surveying from expensive homes to less expensive homes to get the better idea of ongoing prices.

What Do You Want?

Do you want to buy a house with furniture, fridge, and other basic necessities or you are going to purchase all of them on your own? How many bedrooms and bathrooms you want in the house? Finish your survey for one day after watching 10 or 15 houses otherwise, all of them will get mixed and at the end of the day you will be confused. Write down some good and bad points about each house; take some pictures and come back home to discuss with other family members.

Time to Decide

Now you have seen enough houses in a few days. It is time for you to decide which house is best for you. The main points you should consider about every house are its location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and how much repairing the house needs.

Know Your Insurance Payments

You can a home insurance quote in advance, or ask the current owners or builders for an estimate of the payments you’ll need to make. This is vital information for your long-term personal finance!

Your Agent Can Help You

Agents can be a real help as they know the ongoing prices of homes. They can also tell you which part of the house needs repairing. If the house needs too much repairing then you can ask the seller to lower the price or you can ask him to get everything repaired and then you can pay the normal price asked by the seller.

Make an Offer

After seeing everything it is time to make a final offer to the seller. Ask your agent to make a reasonable offer to the seller. If the seller agrees then you can sign the papers and become the owner of the house immediately. Agents usually don’t charge too many fees so that shouldn’t be your main concern.

Identifying The Property

Buying a home is one of the most exciting decisions that you will make in life. This decision will also be one of the most expensive decisions you will make, in terms of financial costs. Since this is an important purchase, you should identify your property very carefully. You must be clear as to what you wanted to buy and what you are buying. When you go to a real estate advisor, a broker or seller, you must look at following aspects of the property,

The Condition of The Particular Property

You need to examine the property carefully as buying something that requires extensive, expensive repairs, may not be a very financially viable investment. Try to shortlist properties based on minimum repair costs. Identify a property, where you have no moisture related problems, no loose floorboards, any structural problems etc. In case you see some repairs required, see if you can do it yourself, so as to cut costs. While inspecting the house, you can check the outer walls, false ceilings, and corners of the house to see if there is any identifiable issue there.

Title of The Property

Title of the property identifies the current owner of the property. It is a legal document. You should identify properties, which have no attachments or liens attached to them. Clear title papers will ensure you have no such problems. Identify the properties, which have clear titles only, for your shortlist.

Location of The Property

When you buy a home, your neighborhood matters a lot. Before putting a property on your shortlist, look over the neighborhood. Remember, a good home is one, which has three things, great location, great location, and great location!! Look for a good school, supermarkets nearby, corner stores within walking distance, parking etc.

If you are buying away from your present place of residence, speak with the locals. Try to find out what sort of development is planned for the future. Is there any movement of schools or universities planned, or if there are any industries, which may move close or be shut down in near future. Either way, you should know what is happening in the surrounding areas. If you can identify a property, which has great locality or plans of development for future, you will see handsome capital appreciation later.

Asking Price of Tthe Home

Identify who is the seller. If you directly negotiate with the seller, you may get a better deal. While identifying a property, try to remove middlemen, brokers etc. If you can identify some properties where you have no money down or full financing option, you can save some money now.

Identifying the property that you will finally buy, will need some groundwork and you should begin by making a short list, taking all the above into consideration. Then you can move on to freeze one property from that list. In case, you feel that you do not have adequate knowledge or time to hunt down a good property, you can take help from real estate advisers and brokers.