Buying Affordable Homes From Auctions

A house comes to auction when the owner of it, may be an individual or a builder, has become unable to sell it or when it may be taken back by the mortgage lender. Once the lender has got the authority to take the money from the sale of the property, it comes to auction. As everyone knows if a person buys property with the help of the mortgagers, the deeds of the property will remain with them. In other words, the house technically belongs to them though it is in the name of the person who buys it.

How Do The Houses Come For Auction?

The lenders will find the auction as a method to reclaim the money that they have given to the owner of the property. It comes to auction when the party is unable to pay the debts to the lender. Usually, in the United States and in the UK the mortgage lender will move to the court if the borrower is unable to pay the money back. The court will assess the situation and will attend to see if the borrower can make the payments before making any harsh decisions. If the borrower is unable to make the repayments, then the magistrate will issue a “possession order” and with the order, the lender has had the right to reclaim it; it is referred to as foreclosure.

Who Can Buy Homes From an Auction?

The mortgage lender will be given over it to a specialist property auctioneer who values the property in the current state. Anyone who is interested in the property can attend the auction and he should be able to pay the price of the property and if you are using the service of a lender, you need to put the documents of the finance in place. Before making your bidding you can see the property and assess the value of it.

Tips For a Bidder

At times the whole process of auctioning will take only minutes and sometimes nodding of heads and waving of hands may be misguiding. You can register yourself with the auctioneers who in turn will inform you of the auctions. It is advisable to have an awareness of the price of the location and to visit the property before making the bids. Alternatively, you can seek the advice of financial advisors and experts who can say something authentic about the property.

Is Auction The Right Choice?

The question of whether to buy homes from auctions is subjective. But considering the nature of the property that comes for auctions, one can definitely say that this would be a great opportunity to get a home at a comparatively cheap rate. This is mainly because the mortgage lenders are more interested in getting their money back than to wait for the times when the prices go up.


There are many options that are available to a person who wants to be a bidder in an auction. The chances of getting a quality home at a comparatively low price are almost certain; for better results make some quality thinking.